Custom PCs
We build PC’s designed for performance and offer solutions to meet your precise requirements, for home, gaming, or business.

Our technicians will discuss your needs with you and offer solutions based on genuine product knowledge and with regard to your budget.  Once we have agreed the specification with you, the system takes 3 to 7 days to build, configure, and test. Simply email us with your requirements or visit us in-store for your ideal system.

We supply a range of new laptops from leading brands such as Asus, Lenovo, and others. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we will quote you for a laptop ideally suited to your needs. For peace of mind, all new laptops are supplied with a full 12 month manufacturer warranty.

For on-the-move computing, the convenience of a tablet computer with wifi, 3G or 4G, is difficult to beat for web browsing, casual gaming, music, photo’s, movies, and  so much more. Visit us in-store for to chat about tablet computers & accessories and discover for yourself these revolutionary touch-screen mobile computers.

We stock a wide range of leading-brand PC components selected for their performance and reliability, ranging from budget solutions to high-end performance parts. We also offer matched core bundles of top-brand motherboard/processor/memory combo’s which we select knowing they offer fantastic performance, reliability and value.  Visit us in-store or phone to check-out our product range and prices of components including: cases, psu’s, motherboards, processors, memory, hard-drives, ssd’s, optical-drives, fans & coolers, expansion cards & adaptors, cables & connectors, and many other parts.

Our range of peripherals and accessories is constantly updated with the latest products chosen for their quality and value. Come in and browse our products including bags & sleeves, external drives, USB pen drives and adaptors, flash memory, laptop chargers, wifi modems & routers, paper, cables, drive caddies, games controllers, keyboards & mice, mouse-mats, web-cams, headsets & microphones, USB hubs, CDs, DVDs, cleaning products, and more.