When data appears to be lost or inaccessible, I Love My PC experts provide you with a range of data recovery services. Your data maybe anything from personal photos to years of business data on a failed or corrupt hard drive. I Love My PC delivers fast and reliable data recovery services to return your precious data back to you as quickly as possible.

Data can be recovered from:

  • Laptops
  • PCs
  • Bare hard drives
  • USB memory sticks (broken sticks repaired)
  • SD cards
  • And many other media types.

Just bring your computer or data-drive to our shop and tell us what happened, we can then discuss with you what help we can offer, or call us on 0117 9248755

More technical stuff

We offer three principal levels of data recovery;

  1. Overwritten or corrupt data where the file system is ok
  2. Low-level file system corruption recovery (pending evaluation)
  3. Damaged drive recovery (pending evaluation)

Evaluation is a process to determine the true condition of a drive and/or the data contained on it. This process determines the work and costs involved for a successful recovery, or even if it’s possible. The evaluation charge is non-refundable whatever the outcome.